About Nghia LONG FOOD CO., LTD


SDT: 0901101651

BUSINESS CODE: 0317743438


  • Is a company that wholesales and retails seafood, imported fresh vegetables and beef, and imported fresh salmon. We always put the criteria of product quality on the top to serve the daily eating needs of our customers, ensuring food safety and hygiene, clean and delicious food to improve and improve the health of our customers. customers


  • With the brand building Super foofs- your everday choice pursues the mission of becoming a pioneering food distribution system in bringing quality foods at home and abroad to Vietnamese consumers.
  • With the goal of improving food quality and bringing delicious and healthy dishes. Super foods will find and combine with reputable food suppliers who have clear standards in food to improve product quality, service quality, and trust every day. bring to customers.
  • Besides, our company always wants land and sea resources to be used properly without abusing dirt and pesticides to make a profit, so that health is seriously affected. realized it was too late.


  • Within the next 5 years, the Super Foods brand will become the number 1 company in providing quality and premium food from domestic and foreign products.

Core Values

  • Commitment to quality to perfection
  • Spirit of responsibility, high enthusiasm
  • All activities are customer-oriented
  • Dynamic – creative – professional – dedicated
  • Unity and create a friendly working environment